Welcome to my blog, Words Unbidden.  My name is Stephen Duffy, I am a poet and author. I live in Dublin, Ireland.  To me, the written word is precious, it can convey ideas and memory, thoughts and philosophies across the miles and indeed across the years.  I love the notion that right now, even though we are separated by great distance, or perhaps, even a great span of time, when you read the words that I have written, I am speaking quietly in your mind, sharing my thoughts, hopes and dreams with you.   As the other writers out there will know, poems are snapshots of a life.  These are my poems and to me they have more clarity and resolution than the clearest photographs.  They document happiness, sorrow, dreams, love won and love lost.  Each is a record of life lived, be it  a single moment or an entire year.  They help me to remember where I have been, the highs and the lows, the love, the loss, the joy, the wonder and the happiness.

After writing for more than twenty years without ever publishing any of my works, with great trepidation I created this blog in April 2013.  I am still overwhelmed by the warm and friendly reception I received from this community, the positive feedback, the supportive comments and the general familial spirit which abounds in the blogosphere.

I hope you enjoy my poems.  Please feel free to comment on my work, your feedback is really appreciated.  If you like what you see, you can purchase a collection of my poems entitled, ‘Holy Ground’ for Kindle or in paperback by following this link:


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. I am on a similar path of learning how to share the most intimate part of me, which is interlaced with my writing and poetry. *raising my metaphorical afternoon wine glass “Cheers to this magnificent journey.”

  2. I am doing the same friends told me I should do something with my poetry and I am amazed at the reaction to my work. Thank you for following my work and finding my blog

  3. Still have to ‘read’ around… And I will do so as I like what I read yet..
    Thank you for stopping by at my blog 😉 x

  4. You stopped by mine, so I’m stopping by yours…. It’s like walking in your front door in the middle of the night and helping myself to a glass of milk. Lovely by the way. And thank you so much for following. Here’s to more!

  5. Stephen,

    How you stated your poems are for you, that is how mine are for me. For many reading them (mine, yours or any other poets out in the world), it is something that they may not understand, probably will never. It takes courage to put those feelings out there when there is so much writing criticism. The way I regard poems, is how I think some people regard their journal. It is a documentation of their innermost feelings and thoughts. But it’s also a painting, everyone sees it differently. We can debate and discuss what we think the author was trying to express in their work but we will never truly know. It may touch some, while others may say “I don’t get it” or “that didn’t make any sense” (which someone actually said to me about one of mine). I think that’s why it’s a little scary to put your poems out there. Someone tells you it’s wrong, or that it doesn’t make sense, or that they didn’t like it and you think “Oh god, I must fix it, delete it, hide it.” I think it’s important for all of us poets out there to realize, that it is not wrong, that it completely makes sense, and that not everyone will like it or understand it. All that matters is that it was what YOU felt when you wrote it. Keep it you must, and delete it you should never. I’m slowly starting to publish all of mine on my blog and I won’t lie and say it’s not a scary thing, it’s our feelings we’re putting out there… but it’s okay. So I just want to send out some of my support your way and to my other fellow poets.

    Really like reading your “about,” thanks for sharing!

  6. **SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL**……What talent with words you have! Which brought me some Peace & soothing Serenity to my soul 🙂 Thanks for taking a Peek at my Blog site. I appreciated the Recovery support! Much Success & Many Blessings, *Author Catherine Lyon*

  7. I’m very pleased that you dropped by and liked some of the haiku/poetry on my “Randa Lane…” blog:.


    “Randa Lane…” is now devoted entirely to my haiku, tanka, other short verse forms, and occasional humor pieces.

    I’ve just begun to explore your poetry but find it very impressive unlike so much of what passes for poetry online! Yours is so rich by comparison. I’ll be visiting often!

    Best Success,


  8. I think your poems are awesome, it’s good to see people keeping their spirits up!! pls read my blog if you can…. Thank you 🙂

  9. .Stephen,

    Thank you for the follow at Through the Cracked Window, it is greatly appreciated. I must say, I am having a wonderful time reading your pieces.


  10. I know the feeling! I’ve been writing for years as well, but never had the courage to share my poetry and stories with anyone. Only some really good friends have read some of my poems. My family barely knows I write, as do most of my friends. 😉 I’ve been reading some of your work now – it’s amazing! I’ll surely be around more. Thanks for sharing your poetry with the rest of us!

  11. Thank you for liking my post and visiting my blog. As a somewhat new blogger, this description of your journey with words is inspirational in and of itself. I look forward to reading your works.

    Many Thanks,


  12. Thanks for visiting the Widow–unfortunately my vision makes reading the white on black blogs difficult. God bless you.

  13. Stephen, I just HAD to write and tell you how very much I appreciate your “likes” on so many of my haiku today! That someone who writes such exquisite poetry likes my haiku is a source of wonder! Your poetry continues to inspire and amaze with its unique style and deft handling of language. Well done, Stephen!


  14. hi nice to meet you and for your early likes in my blog.I also published a book in Kindle after 7 15 years of writing from my school days till date.

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